GIG: Dan Croll at Bodega, Nottingham – March 24th 2014


Last night, I finally got round to sorting myself out with some live music. It’s been too long since I’ve experienced any – thinking back, the last gig I went to was actually Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball in early December – that’s too long without live music in your life!

I realised this about a month ago, so had a peruse of what Nottingham’s many and brilliant venues had to offer me and Dan Croll stood out as a name that I’d heard on the radio a couple of times. I’ll happily admit that I’d only heard a couple of his songs before the gig, so it could’ve gone either way… Luckily for me though, I struck gold! It was probably one of the best gigs I’ve been to.

I love Bodega as a venue anyway – it’s just so beautifully intimate – but the sounds that Dan made, accompanied by his band (who I think were all called names beginning with the letter J: Jake, John, James, Jim and I think Jethro was on drums?) were so ridiculously pleasing.

After the first couple of live tracks, I’d already said to myself that I’d be downloading the album (it’s called ‘Sweet Disarray’) and I will do that just as soon as the nice man from Talk Talk has come to setup the phone line in my new flat. (Argh!) Bit of a tangent there, apologies.

I really like seeing new artists, who are just on the cusp of breaking through, at these smaller venues, more often than not on their first ever headline tour, as Dan Croll is. All the musicians and production team were clearly so unaffected by the industry – they were just doing what they were doing because they love it. The 23 year old’s banter with the sell-out crowd was fresh and he just seemed really humble and genuinely grateful to everyone for “coming down tonight”.

My inclination is to pick out a couple of songs to recommend you listen to, that I particularly enjoyed last night, but as I don’t have the record yet, I can’t really do that! What I can say though is that as a whole record, there’re lots of different vibes and emotions running through different tracks. So often singer-songwriters get stuck after the first four or five songs on their album and then it seems to just repeat itself. That’s definitiely not the case with Dan Croll’s ‘Sweet Disarray’.

I don’t want to be one of those people that goes into so much detail about the music, dissecting every little element, that you forget to actually just sit back and enjoy the music, so essentially what I’m saying is: go and buy Dan Croll’s debut album, because hearing it live was amazing and if you can seem him on his tour, then do it!

Here’s a rubbish, poor quality video from the gig last night, to give you a sort of taste of the gig last night:


A little note about the support act too: We The Wild who I’ve never heard of before (looking at twitter, they’ve got about 1000 followers) were really, really good. For such a small venue, I (very wrongly) assumed the support wouldn’t be up to much. I’ll definitely be checking their stuff out – a seamless fusion of electronic and indie.


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