GIG: Ella Eyre at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – March 27th 2014


Wow, where to start with Ella Eyre… I’m slightly (a lot) in love with her I think.

A 19 year old, former boarding school student, already with a best British single BRIT award and just an incredible voice combined with crazy, captivating stage presence.

It was great to see Ella away from her Rudimental buddies, in front of a sold out Rescue Rooms, crowd, on the final night of her completely sold out, debut, headline tour. That kinda speaks volumes really, doesn’t it!?

Accompanied by a really tight, live band it was great to get a sneak preview of what Ella’s debut album is going to sound like. Apparently we have to wait until July for her first single, titled ‘If I Go’. She ended her set with it, and it’s honestly worth waiting until the summer for – keep your ears peeled for it as I said on the radio the other day, rather awkwardly!

In the meantime, you need to download Ella’s ‘Deeper’ EP which I’ve been pretty much obsessed with since I heard it. That song needs to be heard by more people! Here ya go!

Mid-gig, Ella threw in a curve ball to mix things up a bit – she launched into a cover of ‘Good Luck’ by Basement Jaxx after explaining that it was one of her favourite songs and she simply thought it’d be fun to perform, but with the edge, attitude and mature emotion that we’ve come to recognise with Ella Eyre.

That was one of the overriding things that I took away from the gig: she’s clearly having THE best time! As I say, she’s 19, she’s just won her first BRIT award (more to come for sure), she’s sold out her first ever headline tour and she’s got her debut album coming out this year – #NailingLife if you were looking to ‘hashtag’ Ella Eyre right now.

Something that she does need to do though, is to get in the studio with Jake Isaac to record a version of his song ‘Long Road’ with him. Jake supported Ella at Rescue Rooms and she brought him back on stage during her set because it was her favourite song off his EP, but he didn’t include it in his set.

Her band learnt to play the song and it was unbelievably good! The energy of both vocalists was brilliant to see – I think it was the first time that I’ve been to a gig where the musicians are all so clearly having the best time that it just makes you smile from ear to ear throughout.

I can’t wait to hear more music from both these artists and see them live again soon!


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