NEW MUSIC: Katy Perry’s back…I’ve missed her!


Look, I’m going to level with you here, I’ve been a bit worried about Katy Perry recently.

With the single releases so far from her latest album ‘Prism’, I was concerned that the days of Katy dancing around confectionary-clad fantasy worlds with Snoop Dogg, or having fireworks launched from her ample bosoms, were over.

However, with the announcement that Katy’s next single will be ‘Birthday’ confirms that, nope, everything is OK! She’s well and truly back to her best (by which I mean we’re back in the realsm of ‘Hot n Cold’, ‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘Firework’, obviously).

She just knows how to make incredibly guilt-free pop songs and I am more than happy to welcome her back with open arms, and some fairly dodgy dance moves too.

Swooning over the song aside for a second though, the video is pretty bizarre, to be fair.


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