INTERVIEW(S): So, Leicester Music Festival happened…


As if it’s nearly two weeks since Leicester Music Festival!?

If not the best, it was easily one of the best things I’ve ever been involved with since starting my career in radio (that sounds odd, but very cool).

Broadcasting live backstage, soaking up the atmosphere and generally snooping around / getting in the way, was very exciting, having been a live music fan for as long as I can remember.

If that wasn’t enough, then interviewing brilliant acts such as Union J, Sam Bailey, Diversity and The Saturdays was an absolute privilege.

Union J are absolutely smashing it at the moment. I’m loving ‘Tonight (We Live Forever)’ and am very much looking forward to hearing more new music from the band – expect a bit of different sound apparently!

Well, The Saturdays are just super lovely. Preparations are getting underway for their greatest hits tour which starts later on in the year, in September – what a warm show LMF was!

It’s all ‘GO, GO, GO!’ for Sam Bailey at the moment – she’s got a new album coming soon, a book coming out, as well as a new baby on the way too.


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