David Guetta’s just happy to be there!


So, David Guetta performed on the X Factor this weekend. I doubt I’ve been the only person slightly puzzled for the last week or so, as to what he was going to do for his performance, as X Factor is famously a singing competition, and Guetta is…well, not a singer!

Was this finally going to be the moment he launches his opera career with a stonking power ballad, distinctly donk-free? Well, sadly, no. (I’m still holding out hope that the day will come.)

The french DJ and producer was joined on stage by the effortlessly brilliant Emeli Sande. (The time, it would seem, has come around again for Emeli Sande to be EVERYWHERE, ALL OF THE TIME. Remember 2012, when she was there at every event, every award ceremony, on every advert? She’s essentially the legacy of the London 2012 Olympics games, isn’t she. Seb?)

ANYWAY. When Guetta finally appeared on stage, after Sande’s slow, plinky-plonky piano verse, just in time for him to appropriately apply the required donk to the chorus, he was the happiest guy ever, as these pictures show.

What a guy! Easily, my favourite french, dance music, DJ/producer/guy. Hands down. No competition.


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