I’m going back to uni!


My belovéd student radio station, Fly FM, is coming of age this year! 18, can you believe it!? (Hasn’t she grown, etc.)

I owe everything I’m doing now to Fly FM and the awesome people that I met and worked with during my three years at uni – it’s without doubt the best thing I ever did, getting involved!

So, it’s an honour to be invited back to help the station celebrate, along with a load of other alumni and I couldn’t be more excited! Claire and I are on for an hour from 2pm…

We’re very much approaching it how we used to approach most (all) shows we did on student radio…WING IT! (It’d be wrong not to, wouldn’t it?) One thing we are sure of though, is that we’re going to tell the ‘Poo In A Bag’ story that we’ve been banned from telling on Capital…so that should be interesting!

Have a listen today – alumni are taking over 10am-10pm – flyfm.co.uk


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