NEW MUSIC: Kygo (ft. Conrad) – Firestone


I’m not really sure how, but I’ve only just discovered Spotify as a thing. I mean, I knew it existed but had never investigated as I’d just made the assumption that it was basically a bit sh*t.

Well, what a fool I have been! Welcome to the 21st century, me. *Fireworks and party poppers*

Shuffling through what was probably something like my 417th playlist on the day that I joined the rest of you in 2015, I came across this little gem.

I know nothing about the two artists. I’ve not got round to googling either of them, I just really love this song, and in particular the production of it.

If I’ve seen you or spoken to you on Facebook chat in the last couple of weeks, I’ve more than likely tried to shove it down your earholes.

Well done, Spotify. Apologies for ever doubting you. <3

This is Kygo (featuring Conrad) and ‘Firestone’


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